Sándwich de salvado de avena tostado con atún
Preparation time :
20 min

Cooking time :

Method :
Crucero, consolidación, estabilización

Phase :
Tentempié o refrigerio

Food :
Fish, dairy, oat bran

Type :
Snack or light meal

Instructions :

1• Drain tuna well and sprinkle it with Espelette pepper.
2• In a bowl, combine cream cheese squares with lemon juice. Lightly salt and add pepper.
3• Toast oat bran pancakes and brush them with olive oil. Drain peppers, cut them open and take out the seeds.
4• Drain capers. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto the 4 pancakes and cut them each in halves, add a small pepper to each, top with tuna and sprinkle with capers. Place other half of pancake over top to make sandwiches.
5• You can also substitute the peppers with preserved lemons.

Ingredients :

- 200 g de atún en aceite de oliva,
- 2 pizcas de pimiento de Espelette en polvo,
- 8 carrés frais 0 %,
- el zumo de 1 limón,
- 4 tortitas de salvado de avena,
- 4 cucharaditas de aceite de oliva (opcional),
30 g de alcaparras, 4 pimientos del Piquillo rellenos, pimi