Oat bran breaded chicken
Preparation time :
5 min

Cooking time :
40 min

Method :
Traditional method, nutritional staircase

Phase :
Attack, cruise, consolidation, stabilization

Food :
meat, eggs, oat bran, vegetables

Type :
Main dish

Instructions :

1• Preheat oven to 400 °F.
2• In a bowl, beat egg. In a separate plate, combine oat bran and chopped rosemary.
3• Dip chicken cutlets in egg beat, then in mixture to bread them.
4• Season chicken cutlets and place them in oven-safe deep dish. Bake 30 to 40 minutes keeping a close eye.
5• Garnish with a few rosemary leaves and serve immediately.

Ingredients :

- 1 whole egg,
- 8 Tbsp oat bran,
- 1 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary,
- 4 chicken cutlets, a few rosemary leaves, salt, pepper